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Challenges and opportunities for improving energy efficiency

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The emerging Better Practice Guide Initiative

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The ring fencing mechanism: a case study

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Barriers to Energy Efficiency in SMEs: A survey of opinions on energy auditing in SMEs

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How can SPEEDIER impact positively to climate change?

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Energy Efficiency Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

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D2.1 Review of existing energy auditing schemes, incentives, policies and projects (available)
D2.2 Register SMEs and large enterprises in each pilot country participating in SPEEDIER (available)
D2.3 Report on findings from surveys of businesses participating in SPEEDIER (available)
D2.4 Report summarising findings from focus groups of key stakeholders in the SPEEDIER process (available)
D2.5 Recommendations for the SPEEDIER Service – executive summary (available)
D3.1 Report on the characterisation of SMEs and opportunities (available)
D3.3 Methodology, criteria evaluation system to find opportunities for energy and cost savings (available)
D3.4 Report outlining the application of the characterisation process to the selected pilot sites (available)
D4.1 SPEEDIER Service definitions for implementation (available)
D4.2 Final energy auditing tool for use by SPEEDIER Experts (available)
D4.3 Draft training and capacity building materials for general staff & decision makers (available)
D4.4 Revised training and capacity building materials for general staff & decision makers (available)
D4.5 Draft training content for SPEEDIER Experts and SPEEDIER Trainers (available)
D4.6 Revised training content for SPEEDIER Experts and SPEEDIER Trainers (available)
D4.7 Report on SPEEDIER financing and contract options (available)
D4.8 Final e-learning materials, mobile app, case studies, videos, on-line resources for (WP5, WP6) and Dissemination phases (WP8) (available)
D5.1 Delivery of 4 x Engagement events, one in each pilot region (available)
D5.3 Summary report on first & second SPEEDIER Service pilots (available)
D5.4 Report on the results of the evaluation of the SPEEDIER pilots (available)
D6.1 Evaluation report on first pilot of SPEEDIER Experts and Trainers training (available)
D6.2 Evaluation report on final SPEEDIER Experts and Trainers training (available)
D6.3 Summary of capacity building actions and “train-the-trainer” plan (available)
D6.4 Train-the-trainers ‘Education Kit’ (available)
D7.1 SPEEDIER Best Practices Guidelines for SMEs and large enterprises in EU (available)
D7.2 Roadmap for SPEEDIER to contribute to achieving the EU’s objectives (available)
D7.3 Action plans showing how SPEEDIER can assist in achieving EU wide policy targets (available)
D7.4 Technical Report on SPEEDIER replication potential across EU Member States (available)
D8.1 Project Website (available)
D8.2 First Dissemination and Communication Plan (available)
D8.3 Second Dissemination and Communication Plan (available)
D8.4 Third Dissemination and Communication Plan (available)
D8.5 Final Dissemination and Communication Plan (available)
D8.6 Programme newsletters (available)
D8.7 First SPEEDIER video to engage target audience (available)
D8.8 Second SPEEDIER video (available)
D8.9 Final project conference (not available yet)
D9.1 Quality Assurance Plan (available)
D9.2 Impact Analysis (available)
D9.4 Final impact report (available)
D9.7 Draft CWA project plan (avaliable)